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US-2s (for more information on the US-2 program, click here)

Alex Larson – Originally from Brainerd, MN; serving in Washington, DC with the General Board of Church and Society, the United Methodist agency focused on Christian social witness and advocacy, as the Seminar Program Associate, helping to design and facilitate seminars grounded in the United Methodist Social Principles covering a broad range of issues of interest to The United Methodist Church and its members.

Brinna Kolitz – Originally from New Milford, CT; serving in Billings, MT with the Family Support network, assisting with support services that seek to improve home environments, enhance family relationships, and reduce stress in the home.

Chris Steppe – Originally from Burke, VA; serving in Nome, AK with the Nome Community Center, assisting in both senior and youth services at the organization which provides a wide range of services to senior adults, children and young adults, families, and the hungry and which recently began a temporary 90-day emergency shelter for displaced children.

Marjorie Hurder – Originally from Baton Rouge, LA; serving in Salt Lake City, UT with the Crossroads Urban Center as the Legislative Intern, doing community organizing around legislative issues involving hunger, homelessness, and poverty.

Rachel deBos – Originally from the California-Pacific Conference; serving in Miami, FL with Project HEAL, identifying families needing assistance and recruiting volunteers to help with case management clinics at the organization which responds to the emergency and long-term needs of persons in a four-county area of south Florida adversely affected by the Haitian earthquake of January 2010, some of whom were evacuated to the United States as a result of the disaster, while others are seeking immigrant status for themselves or family members or face deportation issues.

Stephanie Kimec – Originally from Virginia by way of Washington, DC (specifically Wesley Theological Seminary); serving in Los Angeles, CA with the California-Pacific Conference Immigration Task Force, assisting in organizing immigrant ministries on both the local and conference levels, and the Echo Park Shalom Ministry, helping to coordinate the spirituality, arts, and social justice multicultural program.

Wil Wilson – Originally from New Jersey; serving in Fargo, ND with the ecumenical United Campus Ministry of Fargo-Moorhead (serving three campuses: North Dakota State University in Fargo, Minnesota State University in Moorhead, and Concordia College, a school of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America in Moorhead), coordinating the community service programs of the ministry.

Zachary Ferguson – Originally from Martinsville, VA; serving in Memphis, TN with the Workers Interfaith Network, working with the wage theft (failing to pay minimum wages, requiring uncompensated hours, or engaging in other unfair wage practices) campaign and assisting network directors with cases related to wage theft at the organization through which faith and labor leaders support workers’ rights for fair wages and safe working conditions.

Mission Interns (for more information on the Mission Intern program, click here)

Adam Shaw – Originally from Brunswick, OH; serving in Mindanao in the Philippines with Initiatives for Peace in Mindanao, assisting with educational efforts that foster peace negotiations between the Philippines’ government and the National Democratic Front, which represents grassroots interests at the organization that serves as a network of grassroots organizations promoting peace with justice in a region with a long history of clashes between government entities and workers’ rights movements.

Alex Devoid – Originally from Charlotte, NC; serving in Nicaragua with Acción Médica Christiana, working as a facilitator for communications and visiting mission volunteers at the organization that provides an integrated approach to health and wellness that stresses community empowerment, and puts a special emphasis on the health of women, children, and adolescents.

Joy Prim – Originally from North Carolina; serving in Hong Kong, China with the Mission for Migrant Workers, working in a walk-in center, doing follow-up with the migrants, and assisting in other administrative and service activities at the organization which provides emergency services, legal assistance, educational workshops on workers’ rights to those in need, and which also takes action against exploitative and discriminatory policies for migrants (90 percent of whom are women) who are in crisis in Hong Kong, some of whom have been physically or sexually abused, and who are often left without food, shelter, or clothing due to contract violations.

Katie Steele – Originally from Cincinnati, OH; serving in L’viv, Ukraine with Youth to Jesus, assisting in identifying justice projects and recruiting participants in the life of the Youth to Jesus center, at the organization which is an interdenominational ministry linked to The United Methodist Church in L’viv, including Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant students, and which aims to unite and organize “young people to understand, practice, and grow in living Christian faith”.

Michelle Dromgold – Originally from Rochester, NY; serving in Berlin, Germany with the Evangelisch-methodistische Salem-Gemeinde Neukölln, Kindertreff Delbrücke, working with students, mostly from poor families, who need tutoring and assistance with the building of social skills, at the organization which serves as an interfaith outreach to young people in the neighborhood around the church on Delbrücke Street in Neukölln, a district of Berlin, and which seeks to foster peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims, to welcome immigrants, and to promote community solidarity.

Nick Haigler – Originally from Kannapolis, NC; serving in L’viv, Ukraine with the United Methodist Church of L’viv, having special responsibilities for mercy and justice ministries, to work with church members in seeking opportunities for social projects, at a church which has its roots in youth outreach by missionaries to students.

Rachel Berry – Originally from California and raised in Illinois for several years; serving in Quezon City, the Philippines with the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, assisting with the work of the youth and women’s desks, at the organization which does ecumenical work encompassing 10 denominations (including The United Methodist Church) emphasizing social justice and human rights.


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