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One Year Hoping

On September 5, I celebrated the one-year anniversary of my arrival to Colombia. Looking back on the past year, I recognize the changes that I have undergone in the past year are significant and have left a lasting impression on my life.

Over a year ago, while I was in my training to become a Mission Intern, we were asked one day to reflect upon our hopes and fears entering into the process, as well as other aspects of our feelings. I saved the sheets from this activity, tucked away in my bible, and recently came across them again. Reflecting on this list recently has helped me process the ways that I really have changed over the course of my year here. (more…)


June 2012 Newsletter

It’s that time again! So without further ado, here’s my June newsletter! (more…)

Esperando y Esperando: Hoping and Waiting

I had a recent conversation with the owner of my apartment. I live in Colombia, so we were speaking in Spanish, and on this particular occasion we were talking about Spanish. He told me stories of his time spent in the US and how he would occasionally have confusing moments where he only knew one translation for a word which stands for multiple ideas in Spanish, but its translation only means one of them.

A particularly funny case was with the word “cita,” which basically means anything you could put on your calendar, from appointment to date. He only knew the translation “date,” so needless to say he had some hilarious mishaps with trying to set up appointments with coworkers and the like. (Imagine “what time is our date?” being the question in place of “what time is our appointment?” and you’ll get the picture.)

All hilarious language-related mishaps aside, it got me thinking…what other Spanish words have multiple meanings? One that came to mind was the verb “esperar,” which means either “to hope” or “to wait.” Since a lot of recent events in my life have much to do with hope and some to do with waiting, this really got me thinking about the two concepts. (more…)

March 2012 Newsletter

Below you will find my March 2012 newsletter. Running a little later than my six-month mark due to a number of big events that set me back in my ability to put it together, but you’ll be able to read about that soon!

Take care, and I hope to hear from y’all soon!
For reasons of complications with another Mission Intern, I’ve needed to remove the newsletter from my blog, but if you want a copy of it, let me know at and I’d be glad to send it to you!

There’s Something About Muppets

Muppet Christmas Carol has always been my favorite Christmas movie for as long as I can remember. Ask my family. They will confirm that every year I begin insisting that we watch it around Thanksgiving, and when we finally do watch it, I sing along, recite all the good one-liners (most of which belong to Rizzo and Gonzo), and am generally as happy as a five-year-old gearing up for the annual visit to Santa at the local mall. I spend the entire Christmas season singing my favorite songs from the movie. I even recall shedding a tear or two when our VCR ate our VHS copy, making it so I couldn’t watch it in the pre-Christmas season…last year. (more…)

December 2011 Newsletter

Hey all! Sorry it’s been almost a month since my last post. This month has been nuts; soon I should be posting some updates on what I’ve been up to in the past month, but for now, here’s a link to my first quarterly newsletter! (more…)

Clamor for Peace

So, there was this really interesting suggestion by Al-Jazeera to clamor for peace today; basically it was that everyone should take an opportunity to speak out for peace today. Well, I was in an office in Bogota, Colombia for most of my day, so I didn’t have much opportunity to, say, call my members of congress or join an activist event, as the article suggested. So instead I’m going to just post a whole bunch of peace-related quotes that I like…feel free to discuss and continue the clamor in the comments: (more…)