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2012: The End or a New Beginning?

I recently had a dream in which I was explaining to someone that the so-called “end of the world” actually gives me substantial hope for the future. I am not some fatalist who wishes for the end of the world just to be done with it all. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’m a happy-go-lucky optimist who looks at life though rose-colored glasses.

What I refer to that gives me hope is an interpretation of the Mayan calendar which I have heard is the most accurate interpretation. What this particular interpretation gets at is that 2012 is not the end of the world, but simply a new beginning; it is to be a moment of transformation and rejuvenation for the Earth and all in it, and that is what gives me hope for the future, because what the world needs now more than ever is transformation. Sometimes what I really think we need is just to press some sort of reset button. (more…)


Movement Moment at the Intersections

I woke up this morning, pretty much like any other day (though, admittedly, I did “snooze” twice). I got out of bed, got my breakfast, showered, then began scrambling through my closet (and, admittedly, for a particular sweater, through my laundry bag) for every purple article of clothing I could find to wear today (with the exception of my purple flip flops; the Bogota weather was too cold and wet today for that). Why, you may ask? Today is GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Spirit Day – a day in which people all over the place deck themselves out in purple in order to speak out against LGBTQ bullying. Of course, in Colombia, wearing purple for GLAAD Spirit Day doesn’t quite have the context it does when I’m in the US doing such things (given that I wear purple quite frequently and there probably aren’t nearly as many participants here as in the US), but I chose to participate anyway. (more…)

Ministry with Campesinos

On a recent trip out of Bogota with CEPALC to a small town called Aguazul (about 7-8 hours driving time out of the city), which sits on the vast planes of Colombia, immediately after you get out of the mountains, a lot of our time was spent in conversation with various individuals who are campesinos, people who work the land (farmers, if you will), many of whom were displaced from their original land because of the war and have resettled in Aguazul. A conversation with one in particular was striking and I’ve been wrestling with it since that day. (more…)

…es porque pareces muy extranjera…

This is what my pastor told me my first Sunday here, commenting on my blue eyes and my fair complexion (the statement means “it’s because you look really foreign”, more or less). He was warning that people might try to take advantage of me, because, well, I look like the gringa (this term isn’t always used derisively) that I am. And, in fact, it happens from time to time. I don’t receive the change that I should for my buseta fare, taxi drivers try to charge me too much (as of late, I haven’t put up much of a fuss about it; it’s always been less than one US dollar to this point, which I acknowledge would be a much bigger deal if I weren’t such a fortunate and privileged gringa). (more…)

Permit Me to Brag a Little…

My church here in Bogotá is AWESOME. And I mean that. After I met the pastor for the first time on Friday night, I was sure that I couldn’t wait to go to church. And that’s saying something, given that I’ve pretty much lived in a church my whole life… (more…)

Time to Ruffle Some Feathers…?

Of course, as basically everyone in the US knows, abortion is a hot-button issue, especially among people of faith. Our United Methodist Social Principles (of which, of course, I almost always have a copy on hand, just in case I stumble upon an occasion like this) say a whole lot on abortion; here are some excerpts: (more…)

Great Welcome, Great Disparity

Wow, one week in here in Colombia….doesn’t even seem possible. You’ll have to forgive me because there are a zillion stories I could already tell, but I recognize that to put them into one blog post would be a little too tedious for y’all to read. So, I’ll just put them into separate posts, and you can read any (or all) of them at your leisure. I guess for this one, though, I’ll give a brief overview of the week. (more…)