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Lessons Learned in My First Year

This was originally posted to In Our Words, and goes out to everyone doing or considering international service.

On September 5, I celebrated a full year of my service in Colombia. Just shy of a year ago, I left my family, my friends, my home, my native tongue, and many other aspects of my life in the U.S. to live and work in Bogota, Colombia. Initially, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but along the way, I’ve made some important discoveries and realizations about myself and international service. (more…)


Home is…

Home. It’s an interesting concept, one that a lot of people have trouble pointing a finger to what exactly it is. Some people equate it with their house, others with the town where they grew up (or at least where they’ve spent a significant portion of their life), and still others with something more general, like a region or a country. (more…)

One Month Confessions

Remember that song I referenced in my blog post about my summer road trip? I became obsessed with it over the summer, being really drawn to the chorus…but I had no idea how relevant the rest of the song might become to me. So before I really begin reporting on some of what I’ve been going through behind-the-scenes in the past month, here’s a video of the song; feel free to watch it, and then continue reading the confessions of my first month by way of the song. (more…)

Communion as Common Union

On Sunday, my church had communion. This was my first time taking communion here in Colombia, and, as taking communion for the first time with any group, it was a new experience for me. This church all waits and takes the elements at the same time, different than what I am used to (by-and-large) in the US, moving forward in an orderly, single-file line and take the elements as we receive them (well, or if we’re doing intinction, we dunk then partake). But two things really struck me this go-round of communion. (more…)

Permit Me to Brag a Little…

My church here in Bogotá is AWESOME. And I mean that. After I met the pastor for the first time on Friday night, I was sure that I couldn’t wait to go to church. And that’s saying something, given that I’ve pretty much lived in a church my whole life… (more…)

Great Welcome, Great Disparity

Wow, one week in here in Colombia….doesn’t even seem possible. You’ll have to forgive me because there are a zillion stories I could already tell, but I recognize that to put them into one blog post would be a little too tedious for y’all to read. So, I’ll just put them into separate posts, and you can read any (or all) of them at your leisure. I guess for this one, though, I’ll give a brief overview of the week. (more…)

All Shan’t Be Murphy’s Law and All Shall Be Well

Do you ever have periods of your life that seem to blaze right by you, even though you pause to look at it in the aftermath and it seemed like an eternity? Do you ever get the sense that everything possible will probably go wrong, even though you know that realistically it would take a lot more than what has gone wrong to make everything go wrong?  Do you ever take a step back at the end of a period of your life and wonder how it all possibly happened? Welcome to my August. From Young Adult Missionary training to almost constant travel between home and Chicago to Sing A New Song to finding out that I’m probably leaving for Colombia in less than a week, it has been quite  a month. (more…)