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Let’s Hear It for the YAMs!

2011 YAMs Class! (Photo by Dan Randall)

My dearest YAMs*,

Today marks three months since our commissioning (can you believe it? I can’t hardly…) and I’d like to take a moment to give y’all a shout-out, because, well…you rock! And though we are separated by thousands and thousands of miles, we still have our community. And frankly, I feel closer to some of you now than I did at training. I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Now while I could probably go on forever about how awesome each and every one of you is, I’ll save my readership the pain of reading the never-ending blog post and simply single out some of you. If you don’t get a shout-out in this post, please don’t feel like I hate you or anything…it’s more likely I haven’t gotten to know you well enough. We ought to work on that. So on to my high praise of  a few of you (and later, maybe some entertainment!)…

JD, I never would have guessed that first day of our small group where we would end up by now. It’s a little ridiculous if I actually stop to think about it. Yeah, sure, sometimes we drive each other mad, but when it all comes down to it, we know we can depend on each other for support through pretty much anything. And of course, you’re always good for some snarkastic political commentary.

Michelle D, I may not have talked to you much since SANS (we need to fix that), but your postcard certainly brightened my day/week/etc. And I’ll always appreciate that first morning at SANS when I finally ran into you and your greeting was something along the lines of “I saw the prayer blanket and I knew it was you!” and then you letting me cuddle with Junior at night. I also greatly appreciate your thoughtful insights on your time in Berlin.

With my postcard from Michelle

RR, I can always count on you for a good conversation (at least when we have time for one) or a really good feminist meme. And even though you’ve had your fair share of frustrations, you keep on going, and you keep that sense of humor which we all love so much in you. And on top of that, I have you to thank for one of my friends here in Colombia!

Brinna, you’re a rockstar for cranking out handmade postcards. I don’t know about the rest of the YAMs, but it always makes me happy to receive mail. So I appreciate that you did that to brighten everyone’s day. Even if it did take forever for the postcard to get here. We’ll just blame it on the mail service.

With my postcard from Brinna

Steph K, you are just too sweet for words. I always, always appreciate your kind words of encouragement, and I appreciate your friendship and support. And I love to hear about all of the work you are doing in LA, heartbreaking though some of it is.

Chris, your recent video blog had me rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. I assume that you meant to make it in a sort of horror film style (that seems to be in line with your sense of humor, or maybe it’s just me), because as you set foot out the door, I shouted at my computer screen, “No, don’t do that!” as one would as the main characters of a horror film go down in the creepy basement. And you’re a champ for braving that storm.

Alex L, I can always count on you for some good conversation. And a good time coming up with half-baked plans for when I get back to the US. Not that I’m not enjoying myself here; just it’s fun to have something to look forward to. And I have greatly appreciated your support throughout the past few months.

Joy, I can’t quite explain how much I’ve appreciated having you around in the past few months and before. No, we don’t talk as frequently as we could, but I recognize and admire the passion for the work you’re doing that I see building in you every time we speak. And, of course, your kind spirit and strong faith make you a wonderful person to turn to when I need to talk.

And finally, to our little penguin (you know who you are), you have truly been invaluable to me during these past few months. I have appreciated your friendship and commiseration with me so much and I can’t even quite express what it has all meant to me in this really bizarre time. I’m just glad I’ve been able to share it (at times, a little too “close-and-personally”) with you. And while I miss your chipper “good morning!” in person, I’m glad I sometimes get it via skype or gchat.

I could go on about each of you and the rest of our co-horde, but let’s just say y’all are awesome and I am so glad that we have this wonderful network of amazing people we can turn to. I know I’ve absolutely appreciated it in the past few months, and will likely continue to appreciate it. Now, for a couple more pictures (provided by Katie) and a bit of whimsical to end it all (provided by Rockapella):

I was shocked to figure out that only two of our site placements (okay, three if we include our penguin’s “site”) are included in “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”…don’t believe me? Check it out for yourselves (and compare it against Katie’s maps):

Mission Intern Placements (map courtesy of Katie Steele)

US-2 Placements (map courtesy of Katie Steele)

So the point is, even though we’re ridiculously far apart in some cases, I appreciate our community. And I’m glad I have it. Because it’s pretty phenomenal there are folks from Antarctica to Nome who have my back. Y’all rock. And happy three-month anniversary (so to speak).

Much love,


*YAMs = Young Adult Missionaries


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